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radon mitigation, Augusta County

Radon Mitigation

Protect your home & your family from the dangers of radon poisoning.

Serving Staunton, Waynesboro, & Augusta County, VA
Harrisonburg, Rockingham County, Lexington, Rockbridge County

What is Radon?

Radon gas is a colorless, odorless radioactive killer that is undetectable except through testing.

You cannot see, taste, or even smell radon. And yet, it may be a problem in your home.

Radon gas can cause cancer--and, it's the second leading cause of lung cancer!

radon mitigation Waynesboro va

What are Safe Levels of Radon?

radon testing for home, Staunton

Congress passed Radon Act 51, which uses the naturally occurring outdoor levels of radon gas, 4 pCi/L, as the target number for acceptable levels of indoor radon levels. However, ⅔ of all homes exceed this acceptability level.

If you have radon levels at this level or higher, the EPA recommends corrective action. 

How Radon Causes Cancer

Because radon gas is an unstable atom, it decays. As you breathe, you’ll breathe in both the radon decay products as well as the radon itself. Only the decayed radon products stick to lung tissue, which greatly increases the risk of lung cancer.

How Radon Gets into Your Home

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Radon Starts Here

Radon is created by the natural breakdown of uranium found in soil which later turns into radon gas.

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Moves into the Air

Radon moves up through the ground and into the air we breathe.

radon testing for home

And Into Your Home

 If a house or workplace is not properly ventilated, radon silently accumulates, wreaking havoc on your health.

Sneaky Radon Pathways

Well water

Floor/wall joints

Cracks in slabs of concrete

Soil exposed by a sump or by a crawl space

Building materials such as rock, concrete, brick

Weeping drain tiles, if draining to an open sump pump

Mortar joints

Uncapped foundations that are hollow block

Loose fitting pipe penetrations

We Fix Crawl Space & Basement Moisture Problems

crawl space encapsulation vapor barrier, Waynesboro, VA

By using professional grades of vapor barriers, encapsulations, and dehumidifers,

we can bring humidity down to safe levels.

A crawl space vapor barrier practically eliminates soil moisture from escaping into the area above it into your crawl space or basement.

moisture control satisfaction guarantee

We guarantee our work 100%!
And we're local. Right here in Waynesboro, VA.

Call us for a free inspection and treatment plan today.

How Does Radon Mitigation Work?

radon mitigation in Virginia

Once we install the system, 24-hours later it's doing it's job, maintaining low radon levels.

Generally, we can install the mitigation system so that it doesn't affect how your house looks or how your family uses your home.

And if your system needs to be serviced, we can do that!

Once the problem is corrected, test the system 24 hours later to be sure radon levels have once again reduced.

Don't put your health or your family's health at risk!

Let the professionals at Augusta Radon & Mold mitigate dangerous radon.

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