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Your Mold Remediation Experts

Protect your home & your family from the dangers of mold contamination.

Serving Staunton, Waynesboro, & Augusta County, VA
Harrisonburg, Rockingham County, Lexington, Rockbridge County

Have You Got Mold in Your Home?

Don't wait to have it treated. Mold waits for no one!

It's prolific in its growth--taking only 72 hours to spread throughout your home, wreaking havoc on your health and the value of your property.

mold remediation, staunton

Causes of Mold Overgrowth

Leaky sink pipe causing mold overgrowth


Flooding in home causing mold overgrowth


mold remediation, staunton, va
damp, moldy basement in Staunton, VA

Poor Ventilation

Damp Basement

high humidity causing lack of moisture control
residential mold remediation, Staunton, VA
mold remediation needed for water leak

Persistent High Humidity

Roof Leaks

Leaks Inside Home

Lack of insulation causing mold problems

Lack of Insulation

We Fix Crawl Space & Basement Moisture Problems

crawl space encapsulation vapor barrier, staunton, va

By using professional grades of vapor barriers, encapsulations, and dehumidifers,

we can bring humidity down to safe levels.

A crawl space vapor barrier practically eliminates soil moisture from escaping into the area above it into your crawl space or basement.

moisture control satisfaction guarantee

We guarantee our work 100%!
And we're local. Right here in Waynesboro, VA.

Call us for a free inspection and treatment plan today.

EPA guidelines for mold remediation

Mold Removal or Mold Remediation?

Mold spores exist naturally everywhere--indoors and outdoors. That means complete mold removal is practically impossible.


As qualified mold remediation specialists, we understand the science behind mold and its growth. We've been trained to successfully remediate mold both in homes and in businesses.

We get mold levels back to natural, normal levels. Don't let mold ruin the value of your home. Call us today and preserve your most valuable asset!

Don't let mold wreck your health and damage your property!

Let the professionals at Augusta Radon & Mold remediate it.

Give Us a Call

Set up an appointment with us.

Get a Treatment Plan

We'll remediate the moisture.

Preserve Your Home

Enjoy your home while it increases in value.

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