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crawl space moisture control, Staunton, VA

 Moisture in Your Crawl Space
or Basement?

We fix moisture problems!

Serving Staunton, Waynesboro, & Augusta County, VA
Harrisonburg, Rockingham County, Lexington, Rockbridge County

Crawl Space or Basement Moisture Problems

Got a musty smell? Burning or watery eyes? Coughing or wheezing?

These could all be signs of excessive moisture in your home.

Moisture control of your crawl space and basement are absolutely essential for both the health of your family and of your property!

crawl space water remediation

Moisture levels above 60% breed:

mold in bathroom


fungus on ceiling


mildew in bathroom


Protect Your Health & Home

Protect your health and your home while making your house more energy efficient!

Get rid of crawl space or basement moisture.


Call the moisture experts today, Augusta Radon & Mold!

crawl space dampness solutions, staunton, va

In fact, homes built in a mixed/humid climate like those in Virginia typically evaporate about 10 gallons of vapor water per 1,000 square feet of crawl space every day.

Benefits of Moisture Control in Your Crawl Space & Basement!

24/7/365 active duty moisture protection

Protect ductwork from rust & corrosion

Guard against unnatural aging  of wiring

Guard against animals coming into your crawl space or basement

Keep your home drier

Make accessing your crawl space an easier job

Protect your health & your home

Get peace of mind!

radon & mold satisfaction guaranteed

We guarantee our work 100%!
And we're local. Right here in Waynesboro, VA.

Call us for a free inspection and treatment plan today.

Don't let moisture in your crawl space or basement damage your property!

Let the professionals at Augusta Radon & Mold remediate it.

Give Us a Call

Set up an appointment with us.

Get a Treatment Plan

We'll remediate the moisture.

Preserve Your Home

Enjoy your home while it increases in value.

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